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Fiona Grandowski AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

Fiona Grandowski AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

Collins Cooper Carusi Architects

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About this Speaker

Fiona Grandowski is a partner at Collins Cooper Carusi Architects, a firm that believes physical environments have the power to transform lives. As community builders, CCCA applies modern design thinking to the creation of enduring spaces where people gather to connect, reflect and thrive.

Fiona’s passion is collaborating with clients to create these spaces and places that enrich the individual’s experience and our communities’ places of gathering. She reinforces depth of design through embracing psychology of the individual, the sociology of how and why people interact and the environmental impact of building, bringing all these components together to create designs that connect both at an individual level & community level. These places include early childhood development centers, schools at all levels, recreation centers, workplaces & worship spaces. Fiona has focused over 25 years to shaping the spaces where our children, peers and families spend so much time every day.